Bossa Nova, grew up playing in the sands of Arizona listening to many different styles of music as a child. Born in NYC, Bossa Nova took to the streets of Spanish Harlem as a young and ambitious little boy before moving out west.

He was introduced to house music at the age of 17 and his passion was born. If not bobbing his head to the beat of his iPod; Bossa is most likely on the turntables breaking a sweat to the rhythm of his latest mashup remix or original production. Taught by one of the Hip-Hop industries well-known producers and an international scratch champion, DJ Swift (French), Bossa Nova produces monthly mini-mixes and a weekly radio show called ‘Outside The Box’ on Tunein. There he has discovered up and coming talent from all over the world and given them a chance to be heard all while DJing corporate events or maintaining residencies in both Santa Monica, Houston, Miami, Denver and other cities.You can follow him on all his social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.